Career coaching for lawyers and professionals in high-stress environments.

“I have been working with coach Cady for several months and have found her partnering with me on my goals to be enlightening, empowering and encouraging! The time I spend with coach Cady is always positive and productive!”

– Rhoda

Maybe you’re a lawyer navigating a stressful career, billable hour requirements, and/or a workplace out of touch with your emotional wellness? Or you’re a professional contemplating a career change or starting your own business? Perhaps you’re an over-scheduled woman struggling to find balance? Maybe you’re just a believer that the universe has more in store?

I am all of those people too and I can help. By working with me as your coach, you will:
– Create boundaries so that you have more time for yourself and your family.
– Improve confidence so you can ask for what you need at work and in your relationships.
– Identify your strengths and values so you can live in alignment.
– Develop leadership skills to be an agent of change and to improve relationships with staff and coworkers.
– Overcome burnout through rest and reflection.

Your opportunities are unique to you. My goal for every conversation and the entire coaching process is for you to discover what is important to you so that you are empowered to make decisions that align with your values and purpose.

I offer the following coaching services:

  • Free consultation: For any coaching service, I offer a free 30-minute initial consultation to determiner whether we are a good fit and if so, which of my offers is right for you. Fill out this contact me form or find me on LinkedIn and I’ll get in touch.
  • 90-minute intensive: For the professional who has an immediate opportunity or obstacle and wants to work through it. Maybe you need to boost your confidence to ask for a raise at your annual review or you’re considering switching jobs. This offer is for the person that is facing a quick change and needs to brainstorm as soon as possible. This is also an opportunity to see what it’s like to work with a coach and to decide if regular, 1:1 coaching will work for you.
  • 1:1 Coaching: My 1:1 coaching is perfect for the professional in a high-stress environment looking for more “me time”. Through 1:1 coaching, we identify your values and ensure that you’re living in alignment, we work to create more balance and fulfillment, and ultimately, craft work around your desired life. My 1:1 package is usually over a four-month period but can be customized for longer periods of development. It includes three 50-minute sessions/month and unlimited email, text, and chat between sessions so you are constantly exploring and developing during our time together.

Let’s get started.


“Cady is a warm and spontaneous coach, whose belief in me was immediate and empowering. Cady helped me reframe my side hustles and creative projects as legitimate work, which propelled me to make major shifts in how I approach my day job and where I invest my energy. Our sessions left me feeling clear, inspired and light and I’d not hesitate to engage Cady again to work towards my myriad goals”.

– Mia

“Working with Cady has been transformative.  She motivates me to move out of my own way! Her passion for what she does is evident and contagious. I leave every conversation with new tools that help power me forward towards achieving my goals. I know that my work is not complete but I am so happy that Cady will continue to be a trusted partner on my journey.”

– Stacia