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The Emotional Toll of Probate and Trust Litigation

Probate, trust, and guardianship matters rival divorce as the most emotionally draining cases in the legal system. A family member is declining or has recently passed and the client comes to you as an attorney for guidance. The introductory phone call involves tears, anger, frustration, or overwhelming grief.  Lawyers absorb a lot of the stress …

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Awkward Acknowledgement

A few weeks ago, I finished a coaching class on acknowledgement. The theme of the class was that we need to be aware of our client’s strengths and acknowledge when they utilize them to show up in a certain way in their personal or professional lives. The interesting development in the class, though, was how …

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When friends talk to me about coaching, they often ask how I stay motivated to live a healthy, balanced life and how they can find the motivation to do the same. The honest answer is that I am not always motivated. There are many days when I am too exhausted to function or I don’t …

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I am an overachiever. I have always been this way. Growing up, I played three sports, I was Senior Class President, I sought two degrees, I worked while in college, interned, and still managed to get good grades. I graduated with two degrees in three years, I finished law school in two. I did it …

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