What is a Lawyer Coach?

Since my website went live, I’ve had a few lawyer colleagues inquire into what it means to be a lawyer coach. Life and Career Coaching is still a young profession and it’s unfamiliar to a lot of people, especially those avoiding self reflection and growth (looking at you, lawyers). 

Coaching is a partnership. A coach guides a client through self-discovery, explores opportunities with them, helps identify values and strengths, and motivates and encourages the client to follow their heart. Much like an athletic coach, a career or life coach is someone who leads and supports their clients into creating their ideal life. 

A lawyer coach is someone who specializes in helping lawyers navigate their careers. That can include helping you recognize that a certain career path or job isn’t in alignment with your personality. It can be helping you find more “me” time by creating boundaries, asking for help, and engaging in self care. It could be coaching to build confidence and leadership skills. You could be coached to create healthy habits so that you maximize your productivity (read $$$) and minimize burnout. 

There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to work with a coach. I wanted to work with a coach because I felt like I was missing something. Turns out, my job was out of alignment with my own values of independence and adventure. With the help of my business coach, I course corrected. I did a lot of reflection and honest evaluation of what was most important to me. Now, I am a traveling lawyer coach and feel more fulfilled than ever. I did it and you can too. 

As a lawyer coach, I want to show professionals that there is another way. You do not have to sacrifice your personal life in order to get ahead at work. You can have a happy, fulfilled life and still make a great living. You’ve put in a lot of time and effort to get into a respected, established career. The hard part is ensuring that it doesn’t become all consuming. Don’t lose focus of your most valuable resource: you.

If you’re ready to level up your life and find more balance in your legal career, let’s schedule a free consult. It’s time that you put yourself first and I’m here to help.