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New Year, New Overwhelm

There’s been a consistent theme in my coaching meetings and calls with lawyer colleagues these past couple of weeks: overwhelm. Everyone enjoyed their time away during the holidays and came back to clogged inboxes, lengthy to-do lists, and pressure to perform, perfectly and immediately. It got me thinking about the new year and why it’s so exhausting for so many professionals. I think it boils down to expectations. 

The new year is always an opportunity to make great changes. We can make resolutions to be healthier, date more, work less, etc. A lot of folks leave things in the past year, including dead relationships, jobs that are unfulfilling, or even cities they’ve outgrown. Some people resolve to do more or to be more active and intentional. There’s nothing wrong with either approach. But, there’s also nothing wrong with changing nothing. 

There’s this ghost pressure to reinvent yourself as you start a new year. It is always considered an opportunity to do something new and great. But, I think there’s also an opportunity to keep things at status quo. To continue to grow at your own pace, work on your own terms, socialize as you have in the last year. As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

I want to encourage all my colleagues to truly consider what, if anything, needs to change in your life. Maybe you are completely content where you are in work and in your life and if so, congrats to you. That’s something to be cherished. Don’t pile on additional expectations for yourself simply because it is a new year. There will always be things to do. Work to get done. Books to read. People to meet. 

Change happens gradually and you do yourself a disservice if you are both overwhelmed at work and in your life because you’ve set great expectations. There is a time and place for career development, self improvement, and relationship growth. It does not have to be at the beginning of the new year or at the same time. Pace yourselves, friends. Creating your ideal life is a marathon, not a sprint. The new year is overwhelming for a lot of us and if you need to release the pressure to both catch up with work and make a major shift in your life, then do it. Don’t spread yourself thin along the way. 

If you are looking to step into a better work-life balance, create healthier relationships and boundaries, or to align your life with your values, let’s schedule a free consult. I’m here and I want to help (when you’re ready :)).