When friends talk to me about coaching, they often ask how I stay motivated to live a healthy, balanced life and how they can find the motivation to do the same. The honest answer is that I am not always motivated. There are many days when I am too exhausted to function or I don’t have the energy to train or work on whatever I need to work on. 

What I lack in motivation, though, I gain in my routine. My routine is always to wake up early, get in some movement, eat breakfast, and then reflect and learn. I start my day this way so that no matter what my motivation levels are, I have something pulling me forward. It’s my Cady time and it is a priority. Other parts of my daily routine include regularly scheduled breaks, nutritious lunch and snacks, and hard quitting times. Oh, and I can’t forget my evening sleepy-time tea. 

If you’re a person who doesn’t really like routine, there are so many other ways to find motivation. A few of my favorites include:

  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded, motivated people. Perhaps that is in the office, in a cowork space, at a coffee shop, or through friendships. If you see others working hard and living a fulfilled life, you will be encouraged to do the same. 
  • Start with small tasks. If you slow your day down and just put one foot in front of the other, things get easier. Maybe you start with a ten-minute meditation, a cup of coffee, a walk outside, or by journaling. Start with one thing and give yourself a timeframe to accomplish that task. Then move on to the next. 
  • Identify your priorities daily and write them down. If you can only accomplish one thing today, what should it be? What is most important today? 
  • Celebrate your wins. Did you make it to the gym today after a week off? Did you finish writing your proposal for work? Did you meditate five days in a row? Whatever is a big deal to you, you need to celebrate. It reinforces your confidence and empowers you to move forward. Focus on the wins, even the little ones. 
  • Find yourself a coach. One of my many roles as a coach is to be a hype woman, a motivator, a confidence builder. My goal is for you to believe in yourself, believe that you can tackle your goals so that you can live a balanced, fulfilled life. 

A very important point, though, is that if you are lacking motivation, it could be a sign of something else. You could be experiencing burnout or mental and physical fatigue. Sometimes, you do simply need to rest and recover. Listen to your body and do not force yourself to be productive. Your health is always more important and if you consistently lack motivation and energy, it is always wise to speak with a mental health professional.