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Co-Existing Emotions

As I continue to grow my business, I feel conflicting emotions. The most obvious is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of judgment. Fear of the unknown. Negative emotions have a tendency to stand louder than the positive ones. They’re based in history, society’s views, and the pressures imposed by our parents and family members. Fear will almost always be present. 

But, I experience other emotions too. A deep desire to help others and grow my business. A need to align myself with my values of independence and service. Excitement for what’s to come and the authority to make decisions completely on my own. It is an adventure and a learning experience. 

Many will say that you cannot live with both the positive and negative emotions. That you have to overcome the fear and anxiety before you can succeed. I disagree. I believe that we will always live with some level of fear but that we have to learn to acknowledge it and let it live within and alongside our other emotions. It will always be there but it cannot stop you from moving forward.

I picture my fear as a little goblin sitting in the corner of my office. I’ll call him Frank. Fear Goblin Frank. He has a silly smirk and is constantly judging me for the decisions I make. He laughs. He shakes his head. Frank mocks, “there’s no way you will be successful”. And while he is there and will likely always be sitting in the corner, I still move forward. I continue to preach about wellness, balance, fulfillment, and overcoming obstacles. I look at Frank and smile because he epitomizes everyone and everything that doubts me and my goals. He is my biggest insecurities in tiny goblin form. Without him, I wouldn’t be human. With him, I am me – a beautifully imperfect person working towards alignment and freedom. 

When you’re considering the trepidation or other emotions you have on a daily basis, stop trying to push them away. Name your feelings and sit in them. Some days they may be overwhelming and all consuming and that is okay too. Emotions, positive and negative, are there but they do not control you. Let them just be. Smile and wave and move forward at the same time. 

What’s holding you back from moving forward? Could that emotion co-exist with your desire for something greater? Coaching is a great opportunity to explore road blocks and make a plan for change, regardless. Let’s talk about it.