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Ditch The Rules

While there are no rules that govern opening your own business or how you work, I frequently find myself explaining the way I do things because it is different than what other solo practitioners and small business owners have done in the past. The law firm opening follows a typical route: find an office, put your last name on the door, create a law library, make sure you have a receptionist to answer the door, etc. So many lawyers open their practices and follow the same set of rules. As if it’s the only way to be successful.

I think it is time that we ditch the rules. Being a small business owner is appealing to people who don’t want to do things the usual way. It’s hard and heavy work and there has to be a tradeoff. I suggest that tradeoff should be doing things that work for you. Maybe that means that you’re a true solo and hire no receptionist or staff. Maybe that means you work part-time and do something else that brings you joy (I know a lawyer who is also in a band full time!). Maybe that means you work from a shared space or a non-traditional office.

There are so many ways to curate a business that works for you. But, you have to ignore the guidelines of the past. You have to be bold in doing what feels right to you and avoid comparison to others. Find people that have created something different, that speaks to you, and talk to them about their path. Don’t let fear stop you from creating a wonderful and unique business.

You will get pushback. You will have to explain yourself and your goal to colleagues. Doing something different is never easy but there’s space for everyone to live a life that is truly aligned with their values. You can do something different and be successful. You just have to take a chance on yourself. If you need motivation or you want to talk about your own vision, let’s connect.