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Let’s set boundaries this holiday!

The holidays can be overwhelming. Shopping for loved ones, planning parties, ensuring that your staff and colleagues are celebrated can be another full time job. I encourage you to consider setting boundaries this holiday to make things just a tiny bit easier. Here are five holiday boundary ideas:

  1. Traveling? Be very direct with your out of office message. If you do not plan to check your emails, say it! Identify the date you will be available and responsive. If you have someone in your office that should be contacted in your absence, include his or her contact information. Include a friendly holiday message and enjoy your vacation! 
  2. Say “no” if you’re spread thin with invites. There are so many holiday parties, work events, family gatherings, markets, etc. that you can attend this time of year. You will not be able to attend everything and it’s probably not in your best interest to do so. It’s okay if you miss something. By focusing on the things that are most important to you, you’ll feel more calm (read less frantic/Grinchlike) during the holidays. Do not let the fear of missing out get to you and prioritize those events! 
  3. Be clear if there’s a topic you want to avoid at family dinner. Your life is yours alone. If you don’t want to discuss certain topics, let your family know that. You do not owe anyone an explanation or even a discussion for the decisions you make in your life. You can love and appreciate your family and friends and still protect your well-being.
  4. Year-end work can be all consuming. Put the most important work at the top and forgive yourself if it doesn’t all get done. It will always be there when you come back from your holiday gatherings or vacation. Set reasonable work hours and allow time for holiday fun! It’s even more important than your work.
  5. Celebrate yourself. During the holidays we have a tendency to put everyone else first. You’re focused on the perfect presents for your family and friends and rarely take time to reflect and celebrate your year. The holidays are a great time to either treat yourself with a solo date, adventure, or even a spa day! Take some alone time and truly celebrate all that you have accomplished this year. 

If you want to work on creating better boundaries and build the confidence to say “no”, we should talk. My coaching space is the perfect place to develop a better rhythm between work and your personal life. Start 2022 on the right foot and schedule your free consult here