Gratitude in Work

Over the holidays, I really consider the people and things I’m most grateful for in my life. Often the focus is outside of work and on your friends and family members, hobbies, and extracurriculars. It’s helpful to consider what you are grateful for in work too. The things that bring you joy or make your work-life easier. Here are a few of mine. 

My colleagues in law: I have met such wonderful, kind lawyers in the estate and trust law field. People that are willing to share their knowledge with me and brainstorm on complex issues. The women litigators in this arena support and encourage each other and celebrate our successes. I am beyond fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded colleagues making a difference in the legal field. 

My home town: St. Petersburg is a small, supportive place. We have beautiful views, museums, and lots of small businesses to support. The locals pride themselves on supporting other businesses and there’s really room for everyone to thrive. My cowork office in Downtown St. Pete is packed with entrepreneurs following their dreams and it is wildly motivating. 

Technology: The change that technology has brought to work cannot be overstated. Through the pandemic, we’ve experienced a transition from in-person proceedings to mostly virtual court appearances, meetings, and mediations. What tech has really done is given us all more time. Time to participate in hobbies, to actually eat breakfast, to wind down with loved ones at the end of the day. Now, I can practice law and coach virtually from anywhere in the world. What a crazy cool thing. 

My coaching partners: Through my coaching program I have met such wonderful people. We meet regularly to discuss wellness topics, business ideas, and coaching offers. I have grown so much through my connection with these former strangers turned colleagues. They challenge my thinking, encourage me to reflect, and motivate me to be a better coach and person. I feel lucky to have met them. 

My clients: My clients, legal and coaching, become very close. We speak regularly and collaborate. My clients become such a big part of my life. I care about their case or their opportunities as much as they do. I really have a small but wonderful group that I look forward to working with on a daily basis. I want to help and guide them and they respect me for that purpose. It truly fills my heart. 

I could go on for much longer but right now, these categories are top of mind for the end of 2021. I hope you consider what you’re most thankful for this year, especially around work. I hope you see abundance.