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Think Bigger

I had a 1:1 coaching meeting earlier this week and the topic of thinking small came up. The client was considering the growth of her business and consistently measuring herself to where she was in the past and projecting success based on prior revenue. When asked to think about her future business, she pictured some growth, but nothing inspirational or even aspirational. She was selling herself short. 

We all have this mindset at times. That you’re doing okay right now, making decent money, with decent autonomy and good clients. You almost feel guilty for wanting more or maybe you’re afraid of failing when setting bigger goals. It’s a shift that has to happen in your life in order to motivate yourself to move forward. You have to get uncomfortable to think big and to grow. 

Here are three ways to think bigger:

  1. Ditch your historical beliefs. Do not ground your goal setting in your accomplishments of the past. Your goals should be separate and apart from your history. Create a new definition of success or develop a completely different mindset in approaching your business. You have to ask yourself what you want from your life without considering your past income, career, or personal life. What do you want at this moment if you could have anything? 
  2. Avoid comparison. You have unique gifts that set you apart as a person and as a professional. It is so easy to compare yourself to other similarly situated individuals on social media and elsewhere but truly, it is not real. No two paths are the same so embrace your custom journey and think big on your own terms. 
  3. Let go of judgment. The joy of thinking big is that you can create your ideal life. Maybe that means that you travel the world as you work. Maybe that means that you quit your job and start a completely different business. Maybe you get divorced and move to a different city. You will always have people that will judge you or question your decision making. But your goals do not have to meet society’s expectations to be perfect for you. Let go of any judgment of yourself or the judgment of others for wanting something different! 

The beauty of thinking big is that once you identify your ideal future, you start living it. One small step at a time. What do you need to make that dream a reality? What’s one step you can take today to get towards that big dream? And then you do it. Leave fear, judgment, historical beliefs, and comparison out of the equation and put it into action. 

One of the greatest gifts in coaching is helping my clients think bigger. If you’re ready to be pushed outside your comfort zone and make that future your reality, let’s talk. My 1:1 space is fully customizable and here for that purpose.