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Start With Why

I finished Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” and it has me inspired to consider my purpose. Sinek’s position is that all great businesses and entrepreneurs start with why and then develop the “what” and “how” from the why. He references Apple, Southwest, and Harley Davison as companies with a clearly defined “why” that customers can believe in and therefore support. 

My “why” is shaped by a lot of things. My experience as an employee in an industry dominated by outdated policies and practices. Conversations with colleagues that are burnt out, tired, and unfulfilled. My confidence that things can be done differently with great success if only people were willing to make a change. My willingness to work with others, to engage in conversations, to make a difference in an outdated industry. 

My “why” is to make the world a better place by helping build confidence among peers so that they can ask for what they need in their personal and professional lives. I truly believe that if everyone spent more time in reflection and identifying their strengths, they could build a more purposeful, fulfilled life. This why bleeds into my vision for the legal field. 

My vision for the legal field is to have young people that are happy in their jobs because their employers and supervisors respect and support their personal lives. Firms should encourage work-life balance, not excessive billable hours. Problem solving with opposing attorneys and coworkers should be encouraged over aggression and chest pounding. People with diverse perspectives should sit at the table and be motivated to speak up when a policy or practice is outdated or biased. There should be policies that encourage change and growth. A lawyer must learn to admit when he or she is wrong or something could be handled in a different way. The legal ego must die. 

We need leaders to make these changes. I want to motivate, support, and encourage the changemakers of industry so that this field and others can modernize. I want every single person that identifies an outdated practice to be confident to step in and call it out. To propose another way that would better benefit everyone. We have a long way to go but with many like-minded individuals, we can make a lasting impact.

If you’re interested in being that changemaker, let’s talk. We have work to do.