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Why Passion Matters

We go to college and decide we’re going to law school so that we can have stable, respectable careers. We graduate and get an entry-level associate position learning more about the practicalities of being a lawyer. At some point, maybe a few months in or a few years in, we realize that we are going through the motions. That we are lacking something in our daily routine. 

Determining what you’re passionate about is so unbelievably important. Without passion, you’ll be less energetic, less motivated, and more likely to burn out. In law, it’s very easy to gloss over passions. To take a job because it’s at a well-respected firm or because it provides a good income. To stay in a career you loathe because you don’t think you have any options. You have to do better identifying passions in and out of law in order to find fulfillment. 

It starts with an honest assessment about how you feel both about your job and career in general. Do you enjoy being a lawyer? Are there parts of it that you do like and parts of it that you could live without? All jobs come with some level of stress but they shouldn’t be full of negativity. You should find some joy in what you spend most of your time doing. 

My experience is an example. I am a problem solver. I enjoy puzzles and helping people when they are in a sticky situation. This translates to a passion for dispute resolution and coaching. Helping clients overcome obstacles in their legal disputes and in their personal and professional lives. In litigation, my approach is collaborative with clients. Helping them identify the strengths and weaknesses in their cases and move towards a resolution. In coaching, it shows up as compassion and dedication to working with clients to overcome obstacles or tackle opportunities. I am passionate about helping clients live their lives to the fullest. I am good at my job because I am passionate about it. 

If you’re feeling tired and unmotivated, looking to your passion may be a good start. If you’re working in a job that is counter to your passions, you will be drained. But, if you’re in a job complimentary to your passions, you’ll be energetic and your clients will feel it and respect you for it. Self-awareness leads to choice which leads to change.

If you’re going through the motions or feel out of alignment in your job or your career, click here to schedule a free consult. Coaching is a perfect opportunity to do a deep dive into your passions, your values, and your strengths to ensure that you are working alongside those qualities. I’m here to listen and would love to help you see the best version of your life.