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Living Life on Your Terms

I joined my own business coach, Kelsea Koenreich, earlier this week for a discussion on designing life on your terms. It was an awesome chat and you can find it here but I wanted to hit the highlights on my blog. 

The first thing that has to happen is reflection. You have to look at your life and do an honest evaluation. What are your values? Are you living them? Do you feel content? Are you feeling complacent? Is there something in your gut saying it’s just not right for you? The only way to really identify if you are on your way to creating your ideal life is to reflect on who you are and how you’re showing up daily. A good way to reflect is to take time for yourself, consider all the things happening in your life that you really enjoy and the places you’d like to see improvement. What is most important to you? Write it all down. Journal your truest thoughts and feelings about where you currently are in life and where you would like to go. 

Once you’ve reflected, you need to ask for help to get to your goal. Maybe it’s delegating tasks so that you have more time to work on projects that you love. Maybe it’s asking your partner to help around the house so that you have more “me” time. Maybe it’s enrolling in school so that you can explore another career opportunity. This is also the perfect opportunity to hire a coach or someone that can reflect back to you and help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. No matter what you’re working towards in your ideal life, we all need help. 

Most important, you have to put your fear to the side and just f’n do it. Take the leap into something new. Hire the staff. Try a new system. Ask for the promotion. Start a side hustle. Quit the job that’s making you miserable. So often, we put ourselves on timelines that have no bearing in reality. It’s time to put those to the side and just take an action that feels aligned with who you are. It may not work out but what if it does? You get one step closer to living the life you desire!

And don’t forget that we change and grow throughout life. What worked for you five or ten years ago may no longer serve you. You have to consistently evaluate your life and determine if any shifts can be made based on the current version of you. 

As always, happy to be your guide in the creation of this ideal life. Let’s talk!