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Grounding in Gratitude

I think it’s time we talk openly and honestly about how hard it is to work in a scary and uncertain world right now. It was a pandemic, increased hate crimes, and then a tumultuous election and now it’s inflation, a housing market crisis, supply-chain issues, increased gas prices, infringement on women’s rights, and increased gun violence. It feels like it will never end. 

The real impact I see in law, though, is the inability to focus on work when so much is going on in the world that feels so much bigger than what we do day to day. The heaviness of life can lead to quicker burnout, lack of motivation, and general unease in the world. It’s hard to show up at your job when people are suffering. It’s hard to feel like you are contributing to anything. 

When things are heavy, I find that turning to gratitude is the only way to move forward. Find the people and the things that matter most and surround yourself with them. Take a trip to the beach or schedule lunch with a friend. Do whatever you need to do to remind yourself that there is good in the world and that you, and your life, are important. 

Last week, I coworked with a like-minded friend. We don’t work in the same fields but we both have the ability to work remotely so we sat at a local coffee shop and worked and then took breaks to laugh and converse. It was a wonderful reminder that life truly is what you make it. So much is out of your control but you absolutely can decide who to surround yourself with. 

In coaching, I teach my clients to refocus on gratitude often. When work and life just feel like too much, think of one thing you are thankful for and write about it, meditate on it, or share it with a loved one. You will feel better and be reminded that there is joy to be had, every single day. 

If you need help developing gratitude, schedule a free consult here and let’s talk about it.