Working on materials for a collaborative law presentation and the applicability to the estate and trust arena. Collaboration requires lawyers and clients to open a dialogue about a legal dispute. Good collaborative lawyers, like mediators, identify the clients’ needs and try to meet those needs through dispute resolution. The key in all dispute resolution is …

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Awkward Acknowledgement

A few weeks ago, I finished a coaching class on acknowledgement. The theme of the class was that we need to be aware of our client’s strengths and acknowledge when they utilize them to show up in a certain way in their personal or professional lives. The interesting development in the class, though, was how …

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When friends talk to me about coaching, they often ask how I stay motivated to live a healthy, balanced life and how they can find the motivation to do the same. The honest answer is that I am not always motivated. There are many days when I am too exhausted to function or I don’t …

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